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Global Public Health Conference


“Multi-disciplinary Approaches in Public Health:  Innovations, Practices and Future Strategies”

Pre Conference Workshop -Thursday 20th February 2014 ;Conference - 21-23 February, 2014

      Organized by :    School of Public Health ,SRM University  

Supported by

Distinguished Members of Public Health Associations of India

Greetings from the Organizing Committee -GPHCON2014


It is our privilege to intimate you that School of Public Health SRM University will be organizing Global Public Health Conference in February 21-23, 2014 and the pre-conference workshop is on February 20, 2014.


The theme of the conference is "Multi- disciplinary Approaches in Public Health: innovations, practices and Future Strategies" and about 25 sub themes focuses on multi-disciplinary approaches.

 The aim of this conference is to bring the public health professionals from various disciplines to a single platform and share their technical expertise for the benefit of the people and the world. If you are working actively with public health systems or practicing public health at any level we invite you to share your rich experience in the conference. Your participation would add great value to the conference and you will certainly enjoy being among the renowned intellectual expertise.  


The venue of the conference is SRM University, Near Chennai.   SRM University is one amoung the first Universities in India funded private and has many glorious achievements to its credit. SRM launched the Nano satellite named, SRMSAT in the year 2012: it has been designed by students and faculties of SRM University.   The crowning glory for the SRM University is in being the first University funded private in India to host the 98th Indian Science Congress that was hosted with the theme “Quality Education and Excellence in Scientific Research in Indian Universities” .The Congress was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in the year 2010 and attended by more than 10,400 delegates from India and abroad including six Nobel Laureates .

Keeping the legacy of organizing the large national and international conferences we School of Public Health, SRM University invite your august participation in the conference.




SRM University is one of the top ranking universities in India with over 20,000 students and 1,500 faculties, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in Engineering, Management, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Science and Humanities.  SRM University with multiple institutions having been established 28 years ago is one of the largest  Universities in India funded private. 


Over two and half decades, SRM University has set standards in experimental education and knowledge creation across various fields.  Over 600 acres replete with a variety of facilities, State-of-the-art labs, libraries, Wi-Fi, Knowledge centre, 4500 capacity AC auditorium, 100 online smart classrooms and hostels with premium facilities. 


SRM University has the glory of launching the Nano satellite named, SRMSAT: it has been designed by students and faculties of SRM University.  The design is made robust enough support different payloads and act as Nano Bus for further mission.  By this process SRM University would be able to provide qualified and trained scientist and technological manpower in satellite technology. Added to the crowning glory for the SRM University is that the 98th Indian Science Congress was hosted with the theme “Quality Education and Excellence in Scientific Research in Indian Universities”,  inaugurated by the Prime Minister in which more than 10,400 delegates from India and abroad including six Nobel Laureates .




Emerging as a School of Excellence in the 7 years of genesis, our staff brings experience in multiple disciplines and have hands on experience in local, national, and international health settings. Our capabilities in research, knowledge and practice have been tested time to time and proved successful.


School of Public Health intercepts into many inter related disciplines, which have key elements in common that bring us together. School of Public Health, because of its unique standing is a powerful tool in bring about balance. The School works on "hubs and spokes" model linking many departments that include Medicine, Engineering, Nursing and Management in its manifold to function effectively.


Postgraduate program in the School of Public Health is designed for graduates, who aspire to be leaders and professionals in public health, who aspire to reach high-level roles nationally and internationally. Our students come from all parts of India and a few International students from the Far East. They have relevant academic and work experience. Majority of our students have a prior health related degree, and we have students from various disciplines like Arts, Humanities and Engineering. We have Doctors and Public Health Officers nominated from various states and Union Territories.


This program prepares health professionals from a varied range of backgrounds, with knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines, to define, critically assess and resolve public health and nutrition problems. Various fields of study allow students to focus on Indian public health issues and international public health, including nutrition and tropical health.





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